Month: June 2014

You Inherited an IRA. Now What?

IRAs are among the simplest and best ways to transfer wealth to heirs.  In effect, you are not simply passing on a chunk of money, but rather a chunk of money with future tax-deferred or tax-free growth embedded.  However, if you are the beneficiary of an IRA, it’s important that you take the right steps…
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Taxes Have a Big Impact on Retirement

A recent Lincoln Financial Group survey found that retirees significantly underestimate the impact taxes will have on them during their retirement years. When asked before they retired what they expected their top expenses to be in retirement, the majority of pre-retirees surveyed anticipated home and mortgage, health care, and travel/leisure costs to be the highest.…
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For Higher Investment Returns, Get Help!

Aon Hewitt, the global benefits consulting firm, analyzed 14 defined contribution plans representing over 723,000 individual participants over the seven-year period from 2006 through 2012 to determine how participant behavior affected portfolio risk and returns.  Their finding: those who sought help with their investments did significantly better than those who managed their portfolios on their…
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