Month: August 2016

OK To Tap Your 401(k) For College Expenses?

When it comes to their children, many parents take the view that supporting their kids is first priority.  That’s admirable from a family standpoint, but may not be optimal from a financial one.  And nowhere does this have bigger consequences than with college expenses.  A common question I encounter is whether or not it’s possible to…
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Will Future Returns Be Lower?

John Bogle, the founder of Vanguard Group Inc., said in a recent interview with Bloomberg Radio that he expects stock and bond returns to be significantly lower than they’ve been throughout his 87 year lifetime. Historically, according to Bogle, the average annual return for stocks has been about 12%, and for bonds it’s been around…
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Should You Avoid Bonds Right Now?

Oksana Aronov, a managing director at JPMorgan Chase, is recommending against investing in U.S. Treasuries right now, according to Bloomberg News.  Although the ten-year Treasury note is currently yielding 1.58% (at a time when equivalent Japanese and European Central Bank sovereign bonds have negative yields), its real yield (i.e. the yield after factoring in inflation)…
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