Month: October 2017

Would You Invest In The Republican Party?

Let me say right from the outset that this post is not about politics.  It’s about investing.  And it’s generally not a good idea to mix the two. You may have heard that earlier this year Point Bridge Capital LLC in Fort Worth, Texas filed for the creation of a new ETF focused on those…
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Is Financial Abuse a Health Issue?

Yes, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which last year identified senior financial abuse as a public health hazard.  Defined as fraud, breach of personal trust, poor investment advice, or improper use of power of attorney, the CDC’s effort highlights the fact that an increasing portion of total American assets…
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Is Your Investment Goal To Beat The Market?

When someone contacts me about getting help with his or her investments, more often than not during the discussion a question comes up about the level of returns I‘ve gotten for my clients. I would like to address the various implications of such a question in the hope that it may help some readers better…
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