Month: December 2017

New Tax Rules; What To Do Next?

With the passage today of the Tax Cuts And Jobs Act Of 2017, CFPs and CPAs are already digging in to figure out the best new tax strategies that will enable clients to keep as much of their earnings and savings as possible.  Even if Congress should shift to a Democratic majority in 2019, the…
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The Three Biggest Bitcoin Myths

When the value of an investment suddenly soars, or collapses, it tends to get a lot of media coverage.  In 2017 that investment has been Bitcoin.  It started the year priced at $978, and as of the date of this writing is valued at more than $17,000.  That’s an increase of over 1600% in less…
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When Rates Rise, Time To Avoid Bond Funds?

As interest rates continue to hover at historical lows, many people (including some investment advisors) express concerns about investing in fixed income mutual funds.  The issue – for those who are not familiar with bonds – is that when rates rise, bond prices fall, and vice-versa.  The fear is that bond funds, which hold numerous…
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