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Retirement Planning

Life’s transition from pre-retirement to post-retirement can be very intimidating, especially if you don’t have a retirement plan. Making it even more difficult today is the fact that our lifespans are longer than those of previous generations, yet at the same time we have fewer guaranteed sources of retirement...

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Investment Planning

Since 2008 the investment landscape has changed significantly. Stock returns have become more volatile, bond yields are at historic lows, and even developed countries like the U.S. are facing unprecedented political and economic uncertainty. Sound investment management – successfully growing an investment portfolio without taking on excessive risk –...

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Education Planning

 The cost of education has been increasing at over twice the rate of inflation for the last 20 years, making saving for college difficult. At the same time, there are numerous tax-beneficial savings vehicles as well as loan programs available to you and to your children. Education planning today...

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Estate Planning

Estate planning is not just about planning for the efficient transfer of your assets and liabilities after you die. It also involves planning for the care of your children or other dependents, and perhaps even more importantly, the transfer of personal responsibility for yourself should you become incapacitated. And...

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Risk Management

In today’s litigious society you’re probably aware that you face many sources of liability risk. There’s also the risk of loss of income to your family should you die or become incapacitated. Risk management is about determining whether or not to utilize insurance for the various risks that we...

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