Tax Planning

Optimal tax planning is not just about finding ways to reduce tax liability this year or next year. It’s about integrating all the tax breaks and savings vehicles provided by the government with your goals for spending and for growing your savings to maximize the total wealth you get to keep and to pass on to your heirs over your lifetime. And because tax laws change over time, staying on top of them and updating your strategies and choices becomes a necessary ongoing activity.

  • Are you holding the same investments in all your accounts? We are skilled at designing portfolios which can minimize tax drag by leveraging the unique features offered through taxable, tax-deferred and tax-free savings vehicles.
  • How do you manage losses with your investments? We help you mitigate them by offsetting losses against gains to minimize the associated tax liabilities.
  • Is your income too high to allow you to contribute to accounts with tax-free growth? Let us help you identify strategies that may allow you to save tax-free in ways not commonly known.