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Cognizant Wealth Advisors is an independent, fee only (no commission), fiduciary financial planning and investment firm helping individuals and families build prosperous lives through sound financial decision-making. Our close, personalized guidance will help you attain financial independence and retirement peace of mind. For those who want the freedom to focus on what’s really important in your life, we assist in developing the plans and in making the investment and other financial decisions to support your lifestyle goals. We also act as an objective sounding board to help you figure out what matters and what does not. Making the right choices today will lead to financial security in the future.



Services We Offer

Our clients don’t just get simple answers to easy questions but rather comprehensive advice spanning all these financial topics.

Financial Planning

– Goal identification and prioritization

– Simplification of complex decision-making

– Savings allocation strategies

– Improved financial outcomes

– Account consolidation

Investment Planning

– Diversified portfolios balancing growth and protection

– Asset allocation and asset location strategies

– Public and non-publicly traded funds

– Asset class rebalancing

– Alternative investments

Tax Planning

– Lifetime tax optimization

– Tax-loss harvesting

– Alternative minimum tax (AMT) planning

– Roth conversions and advanced tax strategies

– Unrelated business taxable income (UBTI) in Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

Retirement Income Planning

– Required minimum distributions (RMDs)

– Tax optimized income withdrawal strategies

– Pension, 403(b), and 401(k) rollover considerations

– Good and bad annuities

– Optimal Social Security & Medicare claiming strategies

Education Planning

– 529 plans and other education savings vehicles

– Investment strategies for education funds

– Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

– Gifting for education strategies

– Planning for multiple children

Risk Management

– Property & casualty (home & auto) insurance

– Health plans (company benefit / Affordable Care Act / Medicare)

– Disability and long term care planning

– Liability protection (umbrella insurance)

– Fundamental life insurance coverage needs

Stock Options Planning

– Restricted stock options (RSUs) & employee stock purchase plans (ESPP)

– Non-qualified (NQ) and incentive stock options (ISO)

– Concentration risk vs. capital gains tax optimization

– 83(b) elections for pre-public company stock

– 10b5-1 plans for company executives

Estate Planning

– Basic wills and trusts

– Incapacity planning (durable power of attorney / advance health care directives / living wills)

– Tax-optimized gifting strategies

– Best vehicles for legacy planning

– Estate tax vs. capital gains tax optimization

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If you don’t plan your future, life will do it for you.

Considering changing jobs? Going through a divorce? Inheriting money? Receiving company stock or options? All these situations require making numerous choices that can have a huge impact on your future. If you’re looking for an objective, unbiased advisor to make complex financial decisions easy to understand and to act upon, please contact us today to schedule a free consultation.



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