Risk Management

In today’s litigious society you’re probably aware that you face many sources of liability risk. There’s also the risk of loss of income to your family should you die or become incapacitated. Risk management is about determining whether or not to utilize insurance for the various risks that we face, as well as how much coverage to select.

  • Do you know what the biggest risk to your family is? You might be surprised to discover that it changes over time as you move through the different stages of your life. Learn how to identify it and control it.
  • Are you adequately protecting your family from liability risk? If you have teenagers that drive, the level of liability coverage you need may exceed the maximum provided on your car insurance. Find out how to increase that coverage relatively inexpensively.
  • Do we need to insure against all possible risks? In general, it only makes sense to buy insurance to protect against infrequent, highly expensive risks. Let us help you decide when insurance is appropriate and when to self-insure. Our advice is completely impartial because as fee-only planners we do not sell insurance.
  • Is open enrollment approaching? Let us help you decide which company benefits you should sign up for.