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The Art Of Buying High And Selling Low

That’s right! Buying high and selling low! Sound backwards? You may be surprised to discover that’s actually what most retail investors do. The chart below from the Leuthold Group, an institutional research firm, compares the timing of inflows and outflows to/from US equity mutual funds to the price of...

Your Risk-Free Investments And Annuities Are Not As Risk-Free As You Think

Most investors know that investing in stocks is riskier than investing in bonds. And those who are exceptionally risk-averse tend to keep their money in CDs or money market funds. For safety in retirement, especially in the wake of the 2008 recession, more and more retirees have additionally been...

What’s a Safe Withdrawal Rate in Retirement?

When we talk to our clients and others in the community about their retirement goals and plans, they often ask, “How much money will I need to accumulate before I retire in order to be able to live the lifestyle I’d like?” While this is an important question, more...

What Can You Do If Your 401(k) Is Not Very Good?

401(k)s can be a great way to save for retirement. But how do you know how good your company’s plan is? How would you go about measuring it? And, once you find out, what can you do about it? On the measurement side, there is now a website,,...

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