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How to Get the IRS to Pay You to Save!

Were you aware of a little-known tax credit called the Saver’s Credit?  Low income workers who save for retirement using a 401(k), IRA, or Roth can earn a tax credit worth up to $1,000 for individuals and up to $2,000 for couples.  Formally known as the Retirement Savings Contributions...

Does Tax Gain Harvesting Make Sense for 2012?

You may be familiar with the term “tax loss harvesting.” Towards the end of each year, many investors routinely sell assets such as stocks or mutual funds with embedded losses in order to offset the current taxes they will have to pay on gains from other assets. This strategy...

Is Creating a Self-Directed Retirement Plan a Good Idea?

You may not be aware that you can utilize a retirement plan for investments other than stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.  There are numerous custodians that will help you take the money in your retirement plan and buy land, paintings, unregistered securities, or even self-finance a new franchise or...

Whatever Happened to “Compromise?”

I never thought I’d find myself writing about politics, but a recent 60 Minutes interview highlighted the need for someone to speak out.  As I write this, the election is over, and things haven’t changed much.  The Democrats still control the White House and the Senate, and the Republicans...

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