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Are You an Accredited Investor?

This is a follow up to my blog several weeks ago about crowd funding.  The Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) is additionally considering modifying the definition of an accredited investor as part of a proposal to amend the rule that permits the sale of private-placement securities.  Lawmakers want the...

Will Boomers Sink Equities During Retirement?

There’s been lots of speculation that Baby Boomers – the wealthiest generation in American history, not to mention one of the largest – have the potential to seriously impact equity returns as they use up their savings during their retirement years.  A newly released Vanguard research paper offers a...

Is Crowdfunding Safe for Investors?

The success of Twitter’s recent IPO was the culmination of a simplified IPO process aimed at making it easier for smaller companies to raise capital. Under the JOBS Act of 2012 a so-called Emerging Growth Company would be allowed to do the following: Submit a draft registration statement to...

What Is Your Risk Tolerance?

If you have an investment account at a brokerage firm, chances are you’ve encountered a risk tolerance questionnaire.  Such a document purports to determine how comfortable you are with investment risk.  Questions range from the simple – “Are you investing primarily for income or for growth?” – to the...

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