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What’s the Best Long-Term Care Policy?

Cognizant Wealth Advisors occasionally publishes guest blogs on our site.  Today’s guest blog was written by Allen Hamm, president of Superior LTC, a company that helps people plan for long-term care.  He can be reached at 800-400-0577 or at  Note that any opinions expressed in this article do...

Reverse Mortgages: The Good and the Bad

According to Consumer Reports some 70% of retirees’ net wealth is locked up in their homes. Given that, you’d think that reverse mortgages would be a very popular solution for tapping into all that wealth. Yet prior to 2012, the cost, complexity, and even stigma of utilizing a reverse...

Not All Annuities Are Bad!

Annuities have been getting some bad press in the financial planning community. Financial planners tend to denigrate them due to their cost – “They have way too many fees, many of them hidden” – or due to the fact that they are not hedged against inflation, effectively reducing their...

Don’t Overlook the Risk of your Investments

Investment companies and the financial media generally spend most of their time focused on returns and other benefits of the various investment opportunities they recommend.  Yet when it comes to communicating the risks associated with those investments, the industry is a lot less forthcoming, according to Larry Doyle, author...

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