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Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Before Retiring?

I get this question a lot from my own clients and from others nearing retirement who own homes on which they still hold a mortgage.  There’s a widely-held belief that you should eliminate all your debt before you retire.  Is that true? And does that include paying off your...

More Bad News About Wall Street Ethics

In 1989 author Michael Lewis, in his book Liar’s Poker, revealed that the role of a bond trader at Salomon Brothers, the biggest trading firm on Wall Street during the 1980s, was “to call someone he doesn’t know and try to sell that person something he doesn’t want.”  Dan...

Have Your Bond Holdings Become Too Risky?

There has been much speculation recently as to when the Fed will raise interest rates.  The concern is that volatility in bond prices will spike and investors that have become used to bonds as a stable source of income will freak out.  If you haven’t started to worry about...

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