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Positive Economic News But…

According to the Federal Reserve’s most recent Beige Book – a collection of anecdotal information on current economic conditions in each of its 12 districts – the U.S. economy continues to strengthen.  Several districts reported a pickup in manufacturing, and the energy sector in particular was experiencing an uptick...

Rollover Pension To IRA? New option!

One of the most difficult decisions that people face when leaving an employer is whether or not to rollover their company pension to an IRA.  It’s an especially difficult choice when you’ve worked at the same company for many years.  If you choose to keep the money in your...

The Lowest Interest Rates In The Last 5000 Years?

Most everyone is probably aware that interest rates today in the U.S. are at historical lows.  To a large extent this is due to the quantitative easing strategy that the fed has been following since the depression of 2008.  Their goal was to suppress interest rates to make borrowing...

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