Month: May 2013

Is It Wise to Tap Your 401(k) to Buy Property?

I frequently run across ads touting the benefits of utilizing money in your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) to purchase investment property.  And it’s not just me.  Les Christie in CNNMoney recently reported that amateur investors are buying up homes using cash in their retirement accounts in order to get in on hot housing markets.  The…
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New Adjustable Pension Plan Looks Promising

One of the problems many employees have faced over the last decade is the rapid disappearance of the traditional company pension plan – also known as a defined benefit (DB) plan – in favor of defined contribution (DC) plans. With DB plans, the investment risk is completely borne by the company, while the opposite is…
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Study Shows Poor Financial Literacy among Americans

With Americans being forced to take more and more responsibility for their retirement savings and growth, the need for making better financial decisions is becoming paramount. Unfortunately, a recent survey by LIMRA, a life insurance market research association, designed to test the financial literacy of the average American, shows that we still have a long…
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