Month: August 2014

Are Your Expected Investment Returns Valid?

If you were to review the historical performance of any mutual fund, asset class, or investment portfolio over any period of time, you’d certainly notice quite a bit of variation in the returns.  Take the S&P 500 (representing the largest 500 U.S. companies), for example.  The returns from this asset class over the last five…
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Small Business Owners Still Not Saving

I wrote last year about small business owners who plow most of their savings into their businesses to the exclusion of their retirement and other financial goals.  I had cited a 2006 study by the Small Business Administration that found that only about a third of such entrepreneurs had individual retirement accounts or had made…
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Five Myths About Bitcoins

First of all, what the heck are bitcoins?  If you haven’t heard of them, they are one of a class of so-called digital currencies, mediums of exchange which are created and stored online, in contrast to ordinary paper and metal money.  There are currently over 400 digital currencies in existence, with a total market value…
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