Month: November 2014

Are Women Better At Investing Than Men?

The New York Times recently reported on research at USC suggesting that when under stress, men take more risks than women by focusing on bigger wins, even when they are costly and less likely. One experiment involved giving points for inflating digital balloons on a computer.  The trick was to pump them enough to maximum…
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How to Ease Out of the Market

This is a companion blog to the one I wrote previously on using dollar cost averaging (DCA) as a way to slowly buy into the market to avoid the risk of investing a large amount of cash at a market peak. That approach works when you are in the accumulation phase of your life (the…
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How to Ease Into the Market

Have you ever been in a situation where you found yourself with a large amount of cash to invest? Perhaps it was from an inheritance, or from a bonus at work.  Or maybe you actually won a lottery!  In any case, how did you go about investing the money?  Did you identify some number of…
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