Month: April 2015

Think Stocks Are Volatile? Look At REITs!

Equities are among the most growth-oriented investment assets from which you can choose.   Almost all well-diversified portfolios include some degree of investment in stocks of one kind or another.  What is less well-known is that there’s another asset class that has experienced explosive growth since 2009: publicly traded real estate investment trusts, or equity REITS. …
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Do You Really Know Your Investment Returns?

This blog is all about math.  No, wait, don’t leave.  It’s really about making sure you understand how to properly calculate the returns you get from your investments.  Because if you’re not getting the return you expect, you might be putting your future goals at risk. Most everybody is probably familiar with the concept of…
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How Safe Is Your IRA?

No, this blog is not about how the custodian holding your IRA investments protects itself against hackers.  Rather it’s about the legal protection your account offers against creditors.  Although most of you probably will never have to deal with irate business creditors, keep in mind that should you end up being among the large minority…
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