Month: March 2016

Dealing With Student Debt

As of the third quarter of 2015, student debt in the U.S. has soared to nearly $1.25 trillion. That’s trillion with a “t.”  As little as ten years ago it was only $350 billion, less than half the amount of credit card debt held by consumers.  Today it’s 70% higher.  Why is this happening and…
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The Consequences of Negative Interest Rates

Ever since the crisis of 2008 the Fed had been utilizing what’s been called “quantitative easing” to focus on commercial banks to stimulate the economy. This approach involved purchasing a significant volume of bonds to drive up bond prices and reduce interest rates, with the expectation that the lower rates would stimulate demand for more…
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What’s Going On With The Markets?

In the past two months we’ve experienced one of the most volatile starts to a new investment year in history. Surely there must be a good reason why this is occurring.  Is it a harbinger of a severe economic downturn?  Recognition that stocks have been overvalued for years?  A response to the fact that Donald…
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