Month: May 2016

At Some Point You Need To Stop Investing

It’s well-understood that as we age, we experience a general decline in our physical health. And there is increasing evidence that cognitive decline in old age is also natural and inevitable, and cannot be slowed by education or intelligence, nor by so-called brain exercises such as solving crossword puzzles.  Our brain, like the rest of…
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Don’t Sell That Poor-Returning Investment!

Are you currently holding a mutual fund that is not performing well compared to your other assets? Before dumping it, consider that it might be an indicator that your investment portfolio is well-diversified. I’ve written often on this topic, but it’s still worth reviewing how diversification works. In non-mathematical terms, it’s the inclusion of multiple…
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How Much Do You Pay For Your Mutual Funds?

As I wrote in a previous blog, we live in a world of uncertainty. It’s impossible to predict future stock prices no matter how fancy the purported methodology.   But that’s no reason not to invest.  Most of us need to grow our savings in order to keep up with inflation as well as to be…
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