Month: June 2016

Be Calm When Markets Are Not

Today’s unexpected vote by U.K. citizens to exit the European Union (EU) has resulted in stock market turmoil worldwide.  Unsurprisingly European stocks have taken a beating.  U.K. stocks dropped over 3%, German stocks over 6%, and in France the CAC-40 plunged over 8%.  Even the Japanese Nikkei fell over 7%, its worst single-day performance in…
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The Worst Mutual Fund In History

If you were holding an S&P 500 mutual fund in 2008 that dropped 37%, you’d likely feel that your fund should go down in history as one of the worst ever. But in reality the fund didn’t do anything wrong except to invest in a part of the market that happened to experience a calamitous…
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Cost of Long Term Care in the Bay Area

Genworth, one of the larger long term care insurers, recently released their 2016 cost of healthcare data. It is based on surveys or interviews with over 3800 licensed home healthcare providers, 1400 adult day health facilities, 6200 assisted living facilities, and 3600 nursing homes across the U.S.  What’s especially useful is the breakdown of costs…
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