Month: December 2016

How Well Did You Predict 2016?

Now that the year is almost behind us, let’s turn to my favorite topic, predicting the future.  As usual, there were a number of events that occurred at various times during the year, the results of which (1) were completely missed by the media and (2) went totally counter to investor expectations.  In case you’ve…
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Setting Expectations In The Absence Of Facts

Now that 2016 is nearly behind us, investors’ thoughts naturally turn to 2017.  What return should I expect from my investments next year?  The great difficulty in answering that question is that we have limited facts to guide us.  Sure, there is a plethora of historical data, as well as economists and media pundits who…
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There’s Nothing Smart About Smart Beta (Part 2)

In my previous post on this topic I explained what beta is, since understanding it is integral to understanding the marketing concept known as smart beta.  In this post I’ll address smart beta and whether or not it’s worth allocating your investment dollars to ETFs that utilize it. The concept is fairly simple to explain. …
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