Month: February 2017

Politicians: Improve It, Don’t Eliminate It!

Suppose you have a hot water heater in your home that works only intermittently.  You go to your local Home Depot only to find that they won’t have a replacement model available for six months.  Would you wait until the replacement is available before removing the old unit, or would you immediately yank the defective…
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Does Rebalancing Really Work? Part 2

Ask any financial planner about rebalancing your investment portfolio and he or she will invariably tell you it’s a good thing.  Indeed, there’s a popular cant that goes something like “if you don’t rebalance your portfolio periodically, the market will do it for you.”  In 2015 I posted an article supporting rebalancing from a non-academic…
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Impact of Trump’s Fiduciary Rule Delay

President Trump today ordered that the Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Rule – scheduled to begin implementation on April 10th – be delayed pending a review by his administration.  What impact is this expected to have on consumers? Some background first.  When it came to providing investment advice prior to 2016, Registered Investment Advisors (aka RIAs,…
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