Month: May 2017

How Much Would You Pay For Promises?

ETFGI, an independent research firm focused on the global Exchange Traded Product (ETP) industry, reported that as of the end of Q1 2017 global ETP assets (which include ETFs) exceeded global hedge fund assets by over $800 billion. This is a good thing.  Mostly because it means hedge fund participation over the last two years…
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New Study: Picking Stocks Is a Losing Bet

Here’s a simple question: which asset class has better historical returns, stocks or one-month U.S. treasury bills?  That’s pretty much a no-brainer.  Most anyone would tell you the answer is stocks.  And they’d be right.  Since 1926 treasury bills have returned a paltry 3.5% annually on average, vs. over 10% for the S&P 500. That’s…
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IRAs: Too Much Or Too Little, Which Is Worse?

Most people I speak to are aware of the 10% penalty for withdrawing from an IRA prior to age 59½.  And as with most government rules there are always exceptions that have been added on afterwards to support specific situations not considered when the original legislation was promoted.  But there are also penalties for contributing…
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