Month: March 2018

Is Positive Asset Correlation A Problem?

An article with the provocative title “Why 60/40 Portfolios Are Downright Dangerous Today” caught my eye the other day.  It was in a financial planning trade publication targeted to financial advisors and asserted the following: Bonds and stocks used to be negatively correlated with each other but no longer are. Advisors are not making enough…
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Can IRAs Be Used Before Retirement?

Anyone who has contributed to an Individual Retirement Plan (IRA) is likely aware of the plan’s primary restriction, namely that you cannot withdraw the money until you reach the age of 59½.  At the same time, the government didn’t want this restriction to be too onerous, so rather than making it impossible, they simply decreed…
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Investment Keywords To Watch Out For

What prompted the writing of this post was a radio commercial I heard the other morning while commuting to work.  It was from some real estate firm that promised to teach me how to buy, hold, and sell properties with no money down and no risk.  Imagine that: no risk!  How could anyone turn down…
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