Month: April 2018

What Is Your Advisor Really Costing You?

In a recent article in Morningstar, John Rekenthaler talked about how Ameriprise and other brokerages/custodians/advisors offer funds based on how much revenue they get from the fund companies.  These so-called revenue-sharing agreements, he argues, are a way for the brokerages to hide the income they are actually earning from the advice they are providing to…
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What’s The Real Risk In Your Portfolio?

Risk is a commonly used term when it comes to investing, and its importance cannot be overstated. While we cannot control the returns that we get from our investments, we can and should manage the risk very carefully.  As I have written before (Don’t Overlook the Risk of your Investments), there are many different types…
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How Your Pet Can Save You Taxes

In honor(?) of tax reporting season, here are some ways you might be able to use your pet to save money on your income taxes.  Thanks to Emily Zulz of for having compiled the original list. Hire your pet for your small business. You heard that right! If you are a small business owner,…
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