Month: May 2018

Financial Fraud Just Keeps On Coming

There seems to be no end to the creativity displayed by fraudsters attempting to fleece unsuspecting investors out of their savings.  I find it especially egregious when it’s targeted towards seniors and those who have a limited ability to recover.  Human nature can make it difficult for us to resist the apparent opportunity to reap…
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How To Avoid Becoming Rich

We’ve all heard the stories about the Silicon Valley barber who became a millionaire by listening to and investing in the companies of the executives whose hair he cut.  Or about the thousands of employees during the early days at Microsoft who became millionaires simply by accumulating their stock options as the company’s stock price…
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Is Now The Time To Sell My Investments?

This is a question I get quite frequently from clients, friends, relatives, and even strangers that I meet at seminars. When I inquire as to what prompted such a question, the responses run the gamut from “I read that stocks are overpriced right now” to “The loud-talking guy on TV said so.”   In this post…
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