Month: June 2018

Are Stocks Overvalued Right Now?

“Are stocks overvalued right now?” is probably the second most common question I am asked these days. In the last year and a half the Dow reached a new high over 90 times. It’s understandable that investors are looking for some indicator to tell them in advance whether or not stocks are too expensive to…
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Two Simple Rules for Safely Managing Debt

I think it’s fair to say that we may be approaching another debt crisis in the U.S. According to the New York Federal Reserve, as of Q1 2018 credit card debt stood at $792 billion, auto loan debt at $1,188 billion, student loan debt at $1,453 billion, and mortgage debt at a whopping $8,982 billion…
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Why Is 65 the Default Retirement Age?

Have you ever wondered why retirement in the U.S. is considered to start at age 65? After all, there’s nothing sacrosanct about that particular age. Most people are capable of working well beyond 65, while many of those fortunate enough to have amassed sufficient wealth prior to reaching that milestone are happy to retire earlier…
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