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Can You Afford That Student Loan?

Most parents want their children to achieve at least a four-year bachelor’s degree from college. Partly it’s emotional: “My kid graduated from Stanford. What about yours?” But the bigger driver is more commonly the fear that without a college degree, their son or daughter will simply be unable to compete for the higher-paying jobs of…
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How to Maximize College Financial Aid With 529s

Last year I wrote about a strategy involving 529 plans designed to maximize the financial aid a college student could receive (see https://www.cognizantwealth.com/2014/03/10/best-place-to-hold-your-529-plan/).   To summarize the original strategy: if you split your savings into two 529 plans, 75% in one owned by the student’s parent and 25% in one owned by the student’s grandparent, you…
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