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Are You Putting All Your Eggs into Your Small Business Basket?

Scott Shane, professor of entrepreneurial studies at Case Western Reserve University, writes in Entrepreneur Magazine that small-business owners don’t save enough for their retirements.  Citing senior economist Jules Lichtenstein of the Small Business Administration, he finds that self-employed people are less likely to have a retirement plan than people...

Another Hedge Fund Collapses Through Fraud

The San Jose Mercury News reported this week that a federal judge sentenced the manager of the Sunnyvale-based Asenqua Beta Fund and the Fireside LS Fund to 12 years in prison for defrauding local investors out of at least $6.5 million. Albert Ke-Jung Hu was found guilty in June...

Is It Better To Stick With CDs Than With Stocks Right Now?

Late in 2008, right after the market crash, I was providing financial advice to a woman as part of a free financial clinic put on by the Financial Planning Association.  We were discussing ways to preserve and grow her investments when she mentioned the approach taken by her 85...

A Brief Summary of the New Tax Plan

Congress voted to approve a compromise tax plan at the very last minute – actually beyond the very last minute – in an all too rare showing of bipartisanship to keep the country from falling off the so-called ‘fiscal cliff.’   It is important to note that the economic challenges...

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