Month: March 2015

Should You Dollar Hedge Your Foreign Bonds?

A well-diversified investment portfolio should include some investment in bonds issued by foreign governments or companies.  But it can be difficult (and expensive) to buy foreign bonds yourself.  And there’s an additional risk associated with bonds denominated in foreign currencies that you don’t face when investing in U.S. bonds, namely currency risk.  If the currency of…
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Don’t Forget Social Security Survivor’s Benefit!

I’ve written often about the value of delaying Social Security (SS) payments until age 70.  By waiting until you reach that age, you accumulate what the SSA calls delayed credits, and are effectively purchasing (using the payments you’ve given up) an inflation-adjusted immediate annuity paying 8%.  You won’t find a better annuity anywhere on the…
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4% Retirement Withdrawal Rate Not Safe?

In 1994 William Bengen, a financial planner in Southern California, discovered that an individual starting retirement should be able to spend the equivalent of 4% of his/her investment assets, adjusted each year for inflation, for a period of 30 years without running out of money.  The portfolio allocation that maximized this return was about 60%…
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