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What’s In Your IRA?

Pardon me for paraphrasing a catch phrase from a ubiquitously marketed credit card.  But were you aware that you actually have a lot of flexibility in terms of the investments you can choose to put into an IRA?  Besides stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs, you can invest in real estate, gold bullion, and in…
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What Does It Take To Be Happy In Retirement?

It goes without saying that eliminating worries about money is a key component of retirement peace of mind.  But while financial security may be necessary for retirement happiness, it is not sufficient.  I frequently encounter many new retirees who are having difficulty making the transition from spending forty hours (or more) a week at the…
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4% Retirement Withdrawal Rate Not Safe?

In 1994 William Bengen, a financial planner in Southern California, discovered that an individual starting retirement should be able to spend the equivalent of 4% of his/her investment assets, adjusted each year for inflation, for a period of 30 years without running out of money.  The portfolio allocation that maximized this return was about 60%…
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